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WATER. So Important And So Ignored.

WATER. So Important And So Ignored.

Water has a peculiar role as a nutritional element because in one sense it is not a nutritional element and on the other hand has an active and important role in our diet. This is explained by the fact that a nutritional element is what is in our diet, gives us energy and creates new cells in our body. Water takes a key and active part in every basic function of our body, including the regulation of temperature, blood circulation, metabolism, immune system and body waste.

Another important reason why water is very basic is weight control, accelerating metabolism in an overweight person, controlling appetite and helping the body to activate the body’s accumulated fat and use it as a fuel.
If a person is overweight and has a water retention problem, treatment is the opposite of what he usually does, ie he must increase water consumption. Overweight people who initially have a higher metabolic load need more water than the weak. Women who have cellulite problems on their hips and legs will be surprised by the positive effects they will have if they increase water intake.
Every person impossible or overweight needs plenty of water every day. You will be surprised if you learn how much water loses a person on a daily basis without doing any sports activity. A moderate-weight person loses about 2 glasses (500ml) during normal sweating, the system that controls the temperature. Two more glasses expire as steam during the breathing process. The intestinal system and the kidneys use 6 glasses a day together. The total is 10 glasses (2.5 L) and does not include the water that you lose from the sweating of a heavy workout.
Percentage of this water is replenished by various liquid foods such as soups, cocktails, but also fruits and vegetables. But these foods are not enough to fill the required water on a daily basis. An average person should drink at least 6-8 glasses per day of clean water without including the various beverages.
Another issue that I want to analyze is when to drink water. It is almost everybody’s habit to drink water during or just after meals. Drinking large amounts of water with meals is the wrong way to give our body the required water. When our stomach is full of food, the digestion process takes place in which gastric stomach fluids break down composite compounds into simpler ones so that they are promoted to the small intestine and absorbed by the chemical receptors. Drinking water with our meals, gastric juices lose their activity, so digestion is not done properly and we have a feeling of inflation for a long time. It should be a habit for everyone to drink water or 15 minutes before the meal or 60 afterwards. Now if someone is used to drinking something with his meal, the best solution is a small glass of red wine. Red wine accelerates and helps digestion, contributes to the breakdown of fats and provides the amount of iron used to produce red cells.
I hope with all the above to understand how important role our water plays in our lives and how ignorant it is and believe me if you count how many glasses of water you drink in the day you will see that it is not enough, so start from now more water consumption . The benefits will be immediate and much.

Mitsaris Kostas 
Certified Personal Trainer 
Sport&Fitness Nutrionist

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