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Walking, fast walking, jogging or running

Walking, fast walking, jogging or running

By organizing a training program the first thing we look at is to fit it into our everyday program and the second and important is to help us consume as many calories as possible, which we all want then especially for those who have to train long is to avoid injuries.

So I’m going to analyze a basic physical activity that you run daily from all people of all ages and it’s walking and variations of what’s,fast walking,jogging as well as fast running.

How much and how they differ from each other will be discovered later.



The differences

Walking is the best exercise for people of all ages and all levels of fitness, it’s a low-intensity training that means it does not raise our heartbeats to affect our cardiovascular health as fast as possible in jogging and on the run.

From a technical point of view, analyzing movement when walking, when walking fast or when doing jogging, the body acts like an inverted pendulum so that when one foot touches the ground, the other is in the air.

Unlike when we run both legs in the air for some time up to one (front)to touch the ground again. This is known as hang time.

The average hourly speed in walking is 5km / h when walking fast is around 8km / h.

Jogging on the other hand is a light intensity running around 9.5 km / h, this is closer to fast walking but with hang time, anything that has a speed above the average speed of jogging is running.

Choosing the right shoe is very important and it is different for each item, manufacturers are creating shoes taking into account the pressures exerted during the exercise.

Walking causes less impact than jogging and running. Therefore, walking shoes provide more protection on the front of the metatarsal foot. While the running shoes provide more protection to the back of the foot on the heel.

The next time you choose a pair of shoes, make sure that you select the one that suits you for the type of exercise you follow, avoiding a possible injury.

Keep in mind that you can “walk with running shoes but you can not run with shoes for walking”




Walking generally helps with breathing problems, hypertension, diabetes, regulates body fat, depression, heart problems, and helps you have stronger and healthier bones, fast walking has the same health benefits as jogging and running.

Scientific research has shown that fast walking, jogging or running for 30 minutes every day can prevent cancer, especially breast cancer.

Also fast walking, jogging or running adds years to your life increases your cardiovascular capacity, improves your mental clarity even in old age.

It is obvious that exercise is synonymous with good health, which is synonymous with long life.

Make the most of the exercise from the aforementioned depending on your level and what suits you and make sure you will not hurt yourself while doing it.

And of course you have the approval of your doctor before you start anything

Mitsaris Kostas 
Certified Personal Trainer 
Sport&Fitness Nutrionist

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