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How to increase the strength in your workout

How to increase the strength in your workout

From the first time you entered to  the gym, one of your first motivations,if not the first, was to get stronger, surely you were impressed by the athletes who raised a lot of weights, when your first goal was to become and become stronger.Strength will create bigger muscles. Many times, however, by focusing on this goal, we make many common mistakes that instead of making us go ahead, they bring us back. Let us deal with them.
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1. You do not eat enough and quality food for your goals.

To become stronger, you need to eat enough and quality food,more than you think.Why do you think you will push your body to its limits to grow? One of the easiest ways to lift more weights is to raise your muscular system , but for some people eating to get stronger it is harder than to training. Getting more quality calories is something that does not last a few hours a day but 24 hours a day and as you progress this is becoming more important.The energy that would have directly depends on the receipt of your food,if you do not have enough you will not have fuel supplies and consequently progress

2. You are not following a specific program for your goals.

You can not want to increase your strength on the bench press and do treadmill.The specialization in your training and the repetition will make you come closer to your goal. The specificity and specialization in the training are inextricably linked to your goal. Exercises, rest periods, reps all have an effect on your body when talking about a potency boost program. Traditional strength exercises as everyone knows, such as squats,bench press,dead lifts and military shoulder press should be the basis for any potential increase program but often used for any other program.


3. Do not continually seek progress.

Theoretically, one of the best ways to increase your power is to reduce repetitions. This is usually equivalent to 85% – 90% of one maximum rep (1RM). But your goal must be to finally increase the number of repetitions you can make with this weight. Finally, look at adding an extra set of the same weight, or doing one or two more repetitions. You can also use volume techniques such as rest, pause, negative and drop sets. Even if it’s so simple to make another rep in the last set, this little progress is getting big over time.

IMG_41204. You are not as realistic as you need.

Rome was not built in one day and the same line of thought applies to your body. Most people feel impatient when they try to become bigger and stronger, and this is a major problem. Obtaining size and strength requires a design. And this plan should include realistic goals, so you do not lose motivation and do not get injured. Simply loading an extra plate on the bar when you are making a squeegee is usually not the best idea. Start by assessing your resistance levels and after doing so, describe some small, achievable goals for the coming weeks and months. Patience and steady hard work on a daily basis for a long time will bring you where you want to be

5. Your body tells you,learn to listen to it.

Your body is clever but as smart as it is not natural to pick up four to five times your weight on the  bench press, to dead lifts, to the leg press. It was created to be a smart machine that will tell you when it’s in pain and when to stop. But do not confuse your own laziness with the pain your body is trying to tell you. If you really want to be stronger you have to go through your limits. You can not improve your physical strength without having the mental power that will bring you there. Do not let yourself be entertained at the gym.


6. You need a training assistant.

 The idea of doing yourself alone is entirely feasible. But even the best of us finally reach where we need help. This help can come from people in the gym (which may be a bad idea if they do not know how), or you can find a friend to practice with sharing common goals. Having an assistant to push, stimulate and shout to you to push harder can certainly have a greater impact on your strength. If you do everything right but you do not make progress as you think you should, think of getting the help of a friend you can work out with, even if you are only training these days that you use a lot of pounds.

Mitsaris Kostas 
Certified Personal Trainer 
Sport&Fitness Nutrionist

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