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Testosterone and weight control.

Testosterone and weight control.

As a man, you can double your testosterone, simply by losing weight. One study found that a group of obese men showed that they had an average testosterone level of 223 ng / dl, compared to a group of men with normal weight whose testosterone averaged 599 ng / dl. Thus, obese men had less than half the testosterone than non-obese men! Low testosterone levels can easily lead in classic symptoms lack of testosterone as men’s gynecomastia, low libido, loss morning erection, lack of sexual desire, and fatigue.

One of the reasons why overweight people leads to low testosterone levels is that fat cells store the enzyme aromatase. The aromatase converts testosterone into estrogen. The more fat you have, the more aromatase you have, giving you both lower testosterone levels and higher estrogen levels.

If you are overweight, then lowering your body fat levels is probably the single most powerful way to permanently boost your testosterone levels.

To look at the magnitude of testosterone boosts you can get when you lose weight, let’s take a look at this 1988 study of 11 obese men who lost between 57 and 283 pounds. When these guys lost weight, their total testosterone levels went from an average of 240 ng/dl to 377 ng/dl – a massive 57% increase!


Free testosterone levels is much more important than total testosterone .This is because most of testosterone in the body is inactivated because they are bound to a protein called ” sex hormone binding globulin» (SHBG). Free testosterone measures the active testosterone that is not bound to be bound by the SHBG.


It is much more difficult to boost the levels of free testosterone than it is to boost to the total testosterone levels, because usually when you boost your testosterone levels, your body increases the production of SHBG too.


In the above study of 1988, the levels of free testosterone went from an average of 9,5 pmol / L, when men were obese to 13,4 pmol / L, after losing weight. This is a huge 41% increase in free testosterone!


Summarizing, therefore, the best way to lose weight is to follow a diet low in carbohydrates, fast intermittently, and follow HIgh Intensity Short Duration HISD workout method that will result in increasing your testosterone levels, all the beneficial results which analyzed more!


Mitsaris Kostas
Certified Personal Trainer
Sport&Fitness Nutrionist

Certified Personal Trainer Sport&Fitness Nutrionist

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