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Sleep more,sleep better and boost your testosterone!

Sleep more,sleep better and boost your testosterone!

Sleep is particularly important. The reason that most young men in the morning have their greatest love desire is because their body produces most of the testosterone while they are asleep!

One 2007 study found that total sleep time is directly related to how much testosterone production you have in the morning. The more you sleep the higher your levels of testosterone will be.


Lack of sleep can kill your testosterone levels. A 2008 study of ten healthy, non-smoker, slim men in their twenties showed that limited sleep led to a zero increase in testosterone during sleep. The same ten young men when they increased sleeping hours in 8-9 hours their testosterone production increased by 20 to 30% or more.

From scientific studies it is not clear whether sleep time or sleep quality is more important. Some studies say sleep duration is more important (as in the 2007 study), others say sleep quality is more important (Such as the 2008 study). But let’s use common sense here. You will get the best testosterone boost if you improve both the duration and the quality of your sleep.

Studies also show that it works and the opposite too. Low testosterone levels lead to poor sleep quality. This is good news because it means that anything else we do to boost testosterone will help us sleep better, which in turn will help to further increase testosterone production.

Therefore, I advise that your primary goal should be control your weight. Weight control not only strengthens testosterone production, it also helps you to sleep better through other mechanisms (such as better breathing and oxygen supply during sleep), which Will boost testosterone even more!


Mitsaris Kostas
Certified Personal Trainer
Sport&Fitness Nutrionist

Certified Personal Trainer Sport&Fitness Nutrionist

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