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7 Ways To Increase The Intensity Of Your Workout (Part Two)

7 Ways To Increase The Intensity Of Your Workout (Part Two)


4. Drop sets

Drop sets, also known as weights drop, is a very basic and one of the best techniques that can be used for maximizing intensity. You begin with a starting weight and perform repetitions to the point where you cannot do another repetition, then you reduce some more weight and continue until you are not able to do another repetition, up to the point where you have done 3-4 weight changes.

I recommend that at the end of each muscle group workout, you perform a cycle of drop sets with a concentration exercise and focus mainly on the correct and targeted execution of the exercise.




5. Superset
Supersets is a technique during which two or more exercises are combined and performed successively. When, for example, two or three exercises are performed in succession, this is called a double set or trisets. This is another good way to train, if time is a limitation. Supersets include two or more exercises without taking any rest between them. Supersets are done in two ways, either with two or more exercises of the same muscle group or with exercises of competing muscle groups.


6. Giant Sets
This method is the transition from one exercise to the other at a fast pace. It keeps the heart rate high and it is a good muscle shock technique when performed periodically. Giant sets are also good for those who do not have enough time for training.


7. The method of pre-depletion
This method is usually done by performing an isolation movement first – such as quadriceps – followed by a complex multi-joint exercise such as a leg press. The purpose is that in the first exercise there is complete perfusion of the area that will lead the muscle to a point of exhaustion and failure very quickly during the second exercise.
Points to consider when increasing the intensity.

  • Make sure to increase the intensity gradually and in a systematic way in order to avoid injuries. Exaggeration usually leads to injuries and failure. It’s great to have enthusiasm during your workout, but on the other hand you need to approach the intensity increase in a smart way.
  • Stretch and warm up your muscles properly before your workout to reduce the chances of an injury. Stretching after an intense workout is just as important, so that you can get your muscles back to their previous relaxed state and speed up their recovery.
  • Drink plenty of water, both before and after the training. A post-workout protein drink is just as important.

When you increase the intensity of your training, not only will you notice an increased endurance, more muscle tone and hypertroph, but you will also become more dedicated to your training. Integrate intensity techniques in a smart and consistent way, get the right rest time and supply your body with the right nutrients, supplements and water and you will be amazed at how quickly your efforts will be rewarded.


Mitsaris Kostas
Certified Personal Trainer
Sport&Fitness Nutrionist


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