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Love Yourself. It Will Lead You To A Better Life

Love Yourself. It Will Lead You To A Better Life

The reason why we struggle with our insecurities daily is because we constantly compare ourselves to everyone around us!

Every day and at any age, it is very easy to confuse our lives with other people’s lives. Social media, selfies, photos, filters, videos, dreamy destinations, beautiful beaches and incredible food, can create the illusion of a perfect, dreamy and fantastic life. Everyone is presenting themselves as if they are living a fantastic, incredible life without any difficulties, stress or problems, and this makes many of us think that our life is miserable and boring.

The problem with all that is that we compare our real, everyday life and all the challenges that come with it, with the best moments in the life of those around us. We do not even know if what we see is real or if it is just a happy, rare moment. This constant comparison leaves us with a feeling of dissatisfaction, lack of motivation to live our best life and can ultimately lead us to depression. “If my life is not as good as theirs, then why should I even try?”. This is the question that prevails within us.

Every one of us is different, and has different tastes, values and focus in life. If our lives were the same, you would still not be happy because what gives someone else joy might not give you joy. You may want one person’s body, someone else’s financial status, and ultimately someone else’s life.


You are an amazing, unique person with gifts given to you by nature that no one else has. Cultivating these gifts and talents and finding your purpose in life will make you much happier than trying to be someone else or comparing your life conditions to someone else’s. Just set in your mind that from this day forward, you can choose to go wherever you want and do whatever you want. You just have to be  willing to put the time and effort in order to succeed.


Do you need some tips to succeed in discovering your uniqueness? Try the following:

  1. Reduce the time you spend on social media. It is a waste of your time, distracting you from your real goal and makes the rest of the world look better than it actually is.
  2. Take time to improve yourself. It is never too late to learn, mature and become a better human being. Become better at your job by enriching your knowledge, find an expert and improve your fitness, plan a trip that you always wanted to make, set a new goal or set up a project that will make your life more attractive.
  3. Begin to be grateful for your life. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that we are blessed for what we have. There are surely people around you who would love to have what you have.
  4. Volunteer for something good, do good and help other people. This will definitely make you feel better, and the universe will certainly give back to you!
  5. Learn to use positive thoughts to overcome the negative voices in your head. Tell yourself that you already are who you want to be and this is who you shall become.

In conclusion, your only concern should be to compare yourself only with your present self and improve every day in all aspects of your life. Growing up, you need to constantly improve yourself by making good choices and changing small habits that will lead to big changes. You have the power! Believe in yourself, love yourself, you are your best friend and companion in life. You just have to learn to use what you have in order to make your life better.


Mitsaris Kostas

Certified Personal Trainer 
Sport&Fitness Nutrionist


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