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Managing The Mind And Emotions Is The Key To A Balanced Life!


Managing The Mind And Emotions Is The Key To A Balanced Life!

I constantly hear people around me complaining about things that happened to them; “he did that to me”, “he spoke badly to me”, unpleasant things that affect their psychology, and consequently their daily life, in a negative way. I have mentioned before that by raising a ‘’wall’’ of positive energy, we can deal with all the negative energy we receive every day, but unfortunately that alone is not enough.Fortunately, there is a way to deal with other people’s bad behavior and that is no other than training ourselves. This the only way, and if we do the proper work, this can lead us to a more balanced life.


First of all, we must accept that we are solely responsible for whatever happens to us. No other person is responsible but us. It is because we allow certain behaviors from others and we do not set our boundaries clearly, that allow people to treat us a certain way. We do this either because we do not see right through their behavior, or because we get distracted by our emotions!

I will try to explain what I mean by that and how we can work with ourselves to achieve it.

In our daily lives, we receive negative energy from all around us in the form of bad behaviors; in the traffic while driving, at work, while we are doing our groceries shopping, and , in general, in every step of our lives. Isn’t it a pity for our lives to be destroyed every day by others?


It is completely unfair to us and to our lives, if we consider that every day and every moment is unique and it never comes back.

So, try to manage the negative emotions that others make you feel, always keeping in mind that you are doing it only for you.

You cannot change others, nor is it right for you to get into this process. It is a waste of effort and time. The only thing you can change is yourself. Only by investing in yourself can you really improve your life.


Try not to fall into the trap of wondering what others would do and how they would react if they received a bad behavior from you and whether they would like it or not. This is meaningless, do not let others get into you, step back if you should. Do not consider it a weakness and do not try to think how others will take it. Their reaction comes from their own way of thinking; your own thought at the moment you step back should be that you are doing it to protect yourself.

Experience, knowledge and wisdom come from being able to manage your mind and your emotions. It is not easy, but it is worth working with yourself towards that direction. During this process, never forget or lose your values ​​and beliefs because of the behaviors of others. Do not try to think how others would think, keep your own way of thinking and move forward with that.


I would like to mention here that retreat or stepping back, according to great generals and war textbooks taught in respective schools, is a battle tactic; one step back can take you two or even more steps forward. This can also happen in life; if we always want to move forward sometimes we must take a step back.

So, try to manage your daily emotions, your mind and your thoughts. Do not let others destroy your mental well-being. This is the only way you will move forward, enjoy your every moment, and have a balanced life!


Mitsaris Kostas
Certified Personal Fitness Trainer
Sport&fitness Nutritionist Life Coach
Author “The well-being bible”


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