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The Vanity of Summer!


The Vanity of Summer!

This summer was a little late but it finally came, and together came our worries about how we will
make our appearance on the beach and how we will look physically.
We try on our swimsuits from last year, we buy new ones, but something doesn’t feel right, we do
not like what we see in the mirror.
And now what?

We need to start an express diet to immediately lose the extra pounds, to register to a gym on a program that promises fast results, to get some help to be able to go to the beach with dignity.
In the meantime, we are being bombarded by gyms, sports centers, beauty salons and all kinds of professionals in the field, with ads on Facebook, Instagram and on the internet, making great promises, taking advantage of our need to see some immediate results!

There is also the sequel; at the gym we suddenly notice around us lined and bulky guys, who were able to transform looking like this only after a short period of time and we begin to wonder how this could have happened.
The answer is very well-known, she used that ‘’supplement’’, he used that ‘’supplement’’. “I need one too, can you find it for me?”
The rest is very well-known; many people, the majority of them trying to satisfy their vanity only focusing on having the perfect body just for the summer, looking all the same way, have lost the real and simple focus that is nothing more than “a healthy mind in a healthy body”.

Lost in the long run on a journey of no return that instead of doing good to their health, mental and physical, they destroy their brain and ultimately their health.
The real meaning of sports activity is nothing more than the good health, which means that sports activity and proper nutrition, must be part of our daily routine and therefore part of our life in general. It is a journey that we make ourselves without any external help other than our training and our diet.
It is something beyond diet and exercise; it is about discipline, self-concentration, daily concentration, inspiration, motivation, concepts that will help us with the manifestations of our life, in our work, in our personal life and in all aspects of our life and we will create a disciplined, hardworking and focused character so that we can rely only on our strengths.

If you were told to climb Mount Everest and had to choose between a helicopter that would take you comfortably and quickly take your photos to prove that you were there or start with months or years of preparation with failures or injuries that would delay your trip but would build your character, because you would base your accomplishment only on your effort, what would you say?
I do not know about you but I would say, that it was all worth it; the effort, the journey and the satisfaction that I made it all happen with my strengths without relying on an ‘’easy fix’’ that would not be good for me eventually.
Do not forget that the value is not the destination but the journey!

Mitsaris Kostas
Certified Personal Fitness Trainer
Sport&fitness Nutritionist Life Coach
Author “The well-being bible”


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