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Training of the Mind Leads To Physical And Mental Health.

Training of the Mind Leads To Physical And Mental Health.


I read articles on the internet about fitness programs, abdominal exercises, diet programs for a flat stomach, for weight loss and many similar ones, which have as a main target the aesthetics of the body. They push people to one direction, urging them to be motivated only by external beauty. I would say that this is the reference point of our times.

Everyone has as a role model and follows on Instagram and social media, in general, women and men with lined bellies and high buttocks. Nothing else matters but the appearance. Everything starts and ends there and of course everyone’s worry and focus is how to become like them as fast as possible. Vanity in all its glory!


It is no coincidence that almost everyone exercises before the summer begins and everyone wants fast results. It is also no coincidence that everyone’s question before starting a fitness program is whether they will take any supplements, and by that I do not mean nutritional supplements. It is not a coincidence that plastic surgeons are making a fortune, all for just the show off.

I try through discussions with many people, whether they are my clients or not, to understand what makes them want to exercise so they can give me the opportunity to make them realise what their deepest motivation should be, why they should exercise, eat properly without exaggeration, listen to their body and that is no other reason than their mental health and consequently their physical health.

Our main motivation should be our mental health and our physical health should follow. Wanting fast results only for your physical appearance at some point will create stress which will gradually become stress and will bring you into a situation of chronic stress. The only thing you will achieve in the end is to have physical and psychological problems, heart disease, hypertension depression, any of it!

And all this will be for nothing, because we do not understand that we need to train our minds, to talk to ourselves and to put our lives on the right track. To understand that our body workout, proper nutrition, good sleep, rest, abstinence from certain activities when our body and mind ask us to, must be a way of life, attitude, philosophy. This is the way for us to feel good first of all, to be energetic, to be able to do anything that pleases us, leads us to a better life, to have endurance, peace inside us and balance between our outside and inside.

Never forget that imperfections make the difference and give a uniqueness to each person. What matters is the effort and patience to achieve the goal, training both the body, without exaggeration, and our mind. Only then will we have balance and calm inside our head, which will also be reflected in our external appearance and will make us look more beautiful and attractive people, primarily for us but also for those around us!

In conclusion, what makes each of us different from each other is not the external appearance, but the choices we make at any given moment in our lives!

Mitsaris Kostas
Certified Personal Trainer
Sport & fitness Nutritionist & Life coach
Founder of  HISD Workout Method
Author “The well-being bible”


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