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Physical condition of motorcycle racing drivers!

Physical condition of motorcycle racing drivers!

The reason for writing this article was the ten years of my involvement as a fitness coach athletes of the nationwide motorcycle championship but also now training Sakis Sinioris the last 10 years Greece champion!


They ask me at times that the physical condition plays such an important role in this sport, to make it clear that in any sport, even in the strangest that does not play so much the  motion, the athlete’s physical condition is important and can make the difference of course always studying the motion of each sport and making the appropriate exercises.


But let’s talk specifically for motorcycle racing riders!

In the beginning I study the movements of the athlete on the motorcycle and analyze the primary muscle groups that perform the movement but also the synergistic muscle groups that help as equalizing muscle groups and help to make the motion in this way I work on increasing muscle fitness,the ability of the body to remove the lactic acid faster than the muscles which explains the fatigue of muscles,the so-called burning, but also increase strength of such muscle groups but in repeated braking and sudden acceleration in some outlets G exerted on the body.


At the same time, we must increase the athlete’s cardiovascular capacity,( his physical condition),the ability not to suddenly increase heartbeats but gradually to reach 60% -80% of the maximum heart rate and be maintained throughout the race which lasts  about 30-40 ‘, when the athlete has the recipients breathing and his heart acquires the ability to respond by rising and sending blood to the periphery and of course by improving the aerobic capacity of the athlete increases the ability of the lungs to be released more oxygen than air and thus more poly bubbled oxygen through the left ventricle of the heart to the periphery of which there is the presence of oxygen by the burning of muscle glycogen directly releasing more energy.


Another very important point is that the lack of good cardiovascular capacity and poor physical fitness can lead the athlete to a prolonged in stress state before and during the race as a result of what is happening is that the brain of the organism produces a coordinated chemical response swearing  from the brain adrenaline,norepinephrine and cortisol, the first two held in principle in state controlled and stress can be beneficial because for the most part the adrenaline gives a surge of energy and helps to focus attention and help mobilize all the energy sources of the organism in cases of intense activity, stimulating the nervous system to some urgent action against the so-called “fight or flight response.”


But one that has a negative impact,cortisol deemed slower and prolonged stress situations causing the athlete to have reduced perception of things resulting in mistakes that can prove devastating for the athlete’s race!


Summing up the physical condition and the general athletic situation plays a major role because in addition to the aforementioned it offers confidence to the racing driver which is the most important  in the race against stress but also in his competitiveness which helps him achieve his goal which is nothing but victory!


Mitsaris Kostas
Certified Personal Trainer
Sport&Fitness Nutrionist

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