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Chest dips

Chest dips

Chest dips,one of the best exercises for the male chest!


The best exercise for men that is as fast and effective in muscle development, while opening the chest and giving an incredible muscularity.


If the goal is to lose fat, fight the gynecomastia and at the same time increase the chest tightness, this exercise is the best. It is greatly better than the flat bench press,push ups,cable cross over or flys.


Chest dips working out the upper part of the body and really give you an increase in your hormones that you need for muscle growth, stimulation of the chest, discharge from the gynecomastia.Training arms,shoulders, chest and upper back.


If you want to improve your performance and your appearance through muscle growth, exercises performed with your body weight are at the top. And that’s because unlike the exercises with resistance or free weights ones that isolate in a specific Part of the body, body weight exercises activate the equilibrium muscle groups that help to make your body move within the space.


When activated the muscle balance groups in your body but other muscle groups not only achieve muscle growth, they increase your testosterone from workouts, but also lose weight, you have more muscularity that means better body position, fewer injuries and better visual aesthetics.


Most,when starting a chest workout normally start from the bench press,let’s discuss it a bit by analyzing the disadvantages of chest press either with a barbell or with dumbbells.


The problem with the flat bench press is that it is working out more the front of the deltoid  than  for the chest, electromyography (EMG) studies have shown that the anterior deltoid is under the same pressure as the major thoracic chest During the press on the flat bench. Because the anterior deltoid is a very small muscle group than the major thoracic for this reason during the exercise The deltoid is tired much faster than the major chest, so tired first before even the chest is fully involved in it.


The press on the flat bench stresses the muscles that surround and stabilize the rotator cuff muscles, leading to frequent injuries, which often require surgery. For this reason, the press on the flat bench is the most common cause of ear injury Another very frequent point of injury is the tendon that holds the thoracic muscle with the bone of the bracelet, which can be from simple Tendinitis to a solution to the continuation of the tendon, which in order to be restored needs surgical  treatment and months of painful recovery.




So far I told you the disadvantages of popular flat bench press then I will tell you the benefits of chest dips.


When performing the chest dips, move your body to the vertical, this means that with this movement you remove your shoulders from the toy and isolate the chest tension more than any other exercise on the chest, your shoulders are involved only when excessive Dipping  beyond the recommended, so they are much less or less involved than the flat bench press.

Then I will tell you some tips to perform the exercise properly.


First of all, stand on parallel bars with your legs bent at a right angle so that the vertical of the body does not come out of the center of your body weight, pour your weight forward by bending your elbows until the elbows are at right angles (90 degrees), then return to the start position until your elbows are stretched completely, until you achieve the greatest isolation on your chest, pulling your shoulders completely off your toes and your triceps.


Summing up chest dips is an excellent exercise that helps on the creation of a muscular chest and on the other hand makes you stronger because it increases the strength of the body and torso, except that it is more effective for the chest than the flat bench press, it is also safer,working out more muscle groups because they participate in the movement of the muscles of the body and torso.

For all of the things I have described above,chest dips is the best exercise for chest development for men!

Mitsaris Kostas
Certified Personal Trainer
Sport&Fitness Nutrionist

Certified Personal Trainer Sport&Fitness Nutrionist

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