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5 Ways to make your training exciting.

5 Ways to make your training exciting.

We all go through periods of the same routine of our workout or the same routine of our diet. The same repetitions, the same exercises, the same machines, the same foods, all these for a long time bring you a feeling of monotony which is inhibiting making it a matter of your progress and your psychological relief, completely losing your sense of satisfaction from your workout. You may not realize it from the beginning but slowly you will start not to be happy,  feeling what your body does not respond to either your training or your diet, when this happens and you become familiar with it, you have to make immediate changes. Here are 5 tips you can follow to re-find your enthusiasm and enjoy it training and nutrition.

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# 1: Changing settings.

Have you ever changed the gym you used to go and did you feel something different? Or have you done your training outdoors instead of being in, having direct contact with your physical environment, whether it meant going out of your normal course? Or using different equipment or using other training philosophy? All these little things can make big changes in the way you feel about your workout, they can also take you out of the comfort zone and shock your body to react positively and start getting progress but the main thing is a cheer you your psychology so want to wait the hour of workout again.


# 2: Change the training time.

Most of us follow the same routine in our everyday lives. They live around the same time, eat about the same time, go to the gym at the same time. This is not necessarily bad, however, is good. But if you fail to have your enthusiasm gone and routine, maybe it is time for a change. How many of you have tried to do a quick HISD workout during your lunch break to wake up and take energy for the rest of the working day? What do you say to wake up in the morning and go for a run that you do not get used to? To throw in your body a few shocking changes every now and then can be just what you need to break the monotony and begin to see the changes you hope.

# 3: Try a new training method.

This does not mean complete review of what you are doing and abandoning what you have been doing for so long. After many years of doing the same training method,you’ll want to try new methods or add new methods to your training, which will renew your training. This does not have to be a permanent one, but it is definitely a way not to routinely your body and by extension to renew your interest in your workout.


# 4 Change your diet

Most people stop a diet plan before the end of the first month. First of all, diets do not work like this, they want a reasonable amount of time to get results. For most people, diet means to put the “true “Habits and their preferences waiting until they reach their desired goal. And when they do, they return to the habits that brought them to the problem. A successful diet plan is what can be followed every day, every week, every year. So learn to follow a permanent correct diet in the long term and not only when you reach the desired goal. This is a factor that makes you easy to bruise to stop with all the consequences.


# 5: Change your mindset.

Workout must be a pleasure, all of you who are seen to be in good physical condition but physical have two common things, everyone enjoys fitness and is passionate about a healthy lifestyle. Not every day of course. We all have the periods we need break or adjust our motivation and goals. But what makes us come back with more enthusiasm is the love we have for sporting activity. Finding and doing something that is fun for you It’s the only way you can last with it. Be open to new things, keep looking for new and creative ways to keep things fresh. You can not live with a close mindset when it comes to your athletic performance.There are many ways to get to your desired destination so you can find the way or ways that are most pleasant for you and then it will be much easier.

Mitsaris Kostas 
Certified Personal Trainer 
Sport&Fitness Nutrionist

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