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Bicycle: healthy body but also healthy mind

Bicycle: healthy body but also healthy mind

The bike is the first wheeled vehicle ever used after the horse and even in our days!

For many years the main people’s transport remained, since the beginning of the 19th century along with the horse, but the first non-powered wheeled wheels on 2 wheels or 4 wheels were used.


It is the only means of transport that does not require any fuel that does not pollute the environment, but it also makes it so good for the physical and mental health of its rider.

Since the 1960s, people have been turning around in a healthier way of life that they had to do with physical exercise, but also the right way of eating, so in this way the bike has played but is playing increasingly important , Not to say, a prime role!

Research over the years has shown that the bike is as effective as aerobic exercise comes second, after swimming and above the run that comes third, of course the bike to do not need athletics and all you need is a bike and mood, Anyone can do it without having some special knowledge or a level of fitness, unlike swimming, it just has to be moody and to be medically healthy!


Besides the benefits of increasing physical fitness and general cardiovascular health, it also promotes mental health because it is done externally and has direct contact with nature, but it is very good and important in situations of post-injury enhancing.

So start cycling for your good health but always with the right equipment for safety and never overdo do not forget what you do to get benefits!


Mitsaris Kostas

Certified Personal Trainer
Sport&fitness Nutritionist

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