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5 Steps For Fast Recovery After Injury

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5 Steps For Fast Recovery After Injury

Our goal in a fitness activity is to get safe so to repeat and continue our daily fitness routine, but the more careful we are, but more prepared psychologically and physically to be there  is always the unpredictable factor is cause of injury, following we quote some steps on how to overcome the injury without stopping to do what relieves us psychologically, of course, talking about ordinary people hobbyists and not a professional athlete and not for surgeries, this is a chapter which will analyze in my other article.


Step # 1: Injury Assessment.


Many times there is an indication that something is wrong at the time of workout, most of them from overzealous continue ignoring the signs of pain, but the pain is a danger bell that there something happens, do not ignore it, nor overtake, because if It begins to be damaged can be bigger.

Stopped the remainder of this exercise, changing exercise without feeling anything at the end totally stop the workout, usually the evaluation of the problem is the next day, better to lose a workout rather than lose many.

Step # 2: Reassign the workout Target.


Clearly an injury as much light and however serious may be leaving behind their goals.

Become the evaluation of injury from a specialist after evaluation become further course of workout in cooperation doctor and personal trainer, in those cases where the injury is light can be for a workout program  with exercises that do not harm the site of injury always with many repetitions (isotonic exercises) and off course little resistance, but also isometric exercises in both movements  the goal is to create complete perfusion at this point with the result transferred nutrients that help heal the wound, and then the removal of various enzymes created by the inflammation and this has as a consequence faster recovery.

Step # 3: Nutrition important recovery factor.


Happening injury automatically destroyed many or a few muscle fibers terminated depending on the severity of the injury, very important healing aspect is diet, foods rich in protein high biological value as eggs, chicken or red lean meat suitable in an amount of 1-1.5 grams per kilogram of body weight and rich foods in antioxidant vitamins, especially vitamin C and B12 as oranges, kiwi, broccoli, asparagus, fresh vegetables and uncooked nuts directly help to rebuild muscle fibers.

If it is not feasible to take to get the above macronutrients from our diet then we have to resort to solution of food supplements and the combined food and supplements.


Step # 4: Strengthening


When happening injury to muscle tissue, the joint is in state of shock, automatically lost large percentage of muscle tone but also muscle strength, from that point onwards we are in a situation strengthening.

The personal trainer in cooperation with the specialist doctor will devise a program strengthening of this point with special exercises for faster return to previous situation.

Tip # 5: Psychological factor


Clearly when happens an injury is not that better, however it happened, and you should think that there are always signs that warn the most many times, so Well learn to listen to your body, all day is not the same from the point of view of physical energy but also psychology, working out smart listen to your body learn to work with this, each workout must not have the same volume, the aim is to bring it out and get safe to repeat.

When it happened the injury must be focused and positive in our plan, so to overcome it quickly and correctly, the exaggerating zeal is a deterrent, because a relapse in the recovery stage is that worse.

Finally, I would like to emphasize that it is very important to have everything synergy spirit and body, is one very important factor in all cases as in case that analyzed above.


Mitsaris Kostas
Certified Personal Trainer
Sport&Fitness Nutrionist

Certified Personal Trainer Sport&Fitness Nutrionist

[email protected]

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