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Total body High intensity interval training

Υψηλής Έντασης Διαλειμματική Προπόνηση

Total body High intensity interval training

Build Muscle and Burn Fat with the most Effective Workout

High intensity interval training is a method of exercising that constantly challenges your body, which is what makes it so effective. In addition, research has shown that High intensity interval workout limit muscle lose that can occur with traditional cardio methods.

So if you’re looking to preserve muscle while blasting fat, this is definitely the way to go. It’s also been reported that the most effective cardio workouts combine high and low intensities— which is exactly what this way of working out  training consists of. As a result, tends to burn more calories because of the intense bursts.

What’s also interesting about High intensity interval training is that even though it is shorter in duration, it induces muscle metabolic and performance adaptations that are actually similar to longer duration, low-intensity exercise, but in less time.

There’s also the “post-exercise” benefit of High intensity interval training. For more than 24 hours after a workout, the body’s metabolism is increased, which means that even when you are done with your high-intensity workout, you continue to burn calories at a higher rate. In fact, after 30 years of experience of working closely with professional athletes indeed, excess post-exercise oxygen consumption— which is a measure of additional calories burned— was higher following  high intensity training compared to endurance training.

An aerobics workout like jogging or cycling continuously for 20 minutes will burn about 150 calories at 70 percent of maximum effort. So what about interval training? According to a University of Buffalo study led by Luc Gosselin, 10 minutes of interval training at 90 percent effort burned 195 calories. For this study, the interval training included exercise-rest durations that varied between 30 and 90 seconds of exercise, and 30 and 60 seconds of rest at maximum effort.

High intensity interval training for health

Below is a sample of high intensity interval workout.

Push ups to the floor To failure
Chins up To failure
Leg extensions 15
Seated dumpell press 8
Triceps press down with rope 15
Dumpells biceps curl alternative 24
Jump squats to the box 24

-Always warm up for at least 5 minutes to ensure your body is ready for the intense work ahead.

-Always  be working about and 8/10 perceived rate of exertion or 80 percent of your maximum heart rate in the working phases.

-Always focus on keeping perfect technique on every exercise to avoid any injuries.

-Always get to the end of your working phase feeling like you couldn’t possibly keep going… if you don’t then you are not working to your maximum.

-Always spend  a good 10 minutes at the end of your workout to bring your body back to a resting state, to de-stress your body and bring yourself back to a resting/fat-burning state.

-Always use weights so do that reps with difficulty

-Do at least 3 circles without resting time with the goal to do 5 circles.

Mitsaris Kostas
Certified personal trainer
Sport& fitness nutritionist

Certified Personal Trainer Sport&Fitness Nutrionist

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