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When u rest,u grow up.

When u rest,u grow up.

Rest is the factor with the greatest, perhaps the most important, ability to help one’s body reach the next level of muscle size, strength and growth.


What the scientific literature tells us is that if you do not get adequate rest in combination with enough sleep, your body does not recover fully from day-to-day workouts. This aspect of non-adaptation due to micro-muscular damage and resulting inflammation followed by insufficient healing time leads to what scientists report as a “permanent inadequate condition”.

To stimulate, build, and restore muscle, you need to follow a more energetic approach to relieving after training. For example, after a workout, the body’s ability to react then to the state of inflammatory anxiety that enters it can take up to 72 hours. That means three days.

This situation of the continuous micro-injury of your muscle fibers during your workouts sensitizes your body when you are in a relaxed state after training to heal the micro-injury and prepare for the next training.

However, this implies a good restoration and recovery program that if not, it will not only limit your body’s ability to grow, but in the long run it will also have a negative impact on your overall health by overloading your system but also perpetuating uncontrollable oxidative stress .

Instead of your moto statement being “no pain no gain” better to become “no rest no gain”.


Sleep for rest and recovery.

There are two different stages of sleep, each of which has unique features. The first stage of sleep is known as non-REM, ie as sleep in which the brain waves seen in the electroencephalogram (and showing brain activity) are sparse and calm,also referred to as deep sleep. During this sleep cycle, the whole body is loose the activity of the cerebral cortex is reduced as well as the heart rate, blood pressure and respiratory rate. During this sleeping period, energy from the body is also reduced by about 20%.

The second phase of sleep is known as REM (Rapid Eye Movements),at this stage of sleep eyelids tend to tremble, breathing can be rapid and irregular, heart rate and blood pressure increase sometimes during this stage of sleep. Studies show that the brain is very active during this time and that at this stage of sleep, we dream. More excitement and generally breaks (noise, etc.) are needed to wake someone from REM sleep.

As you are undoubtedly aware of the REM stage of sleep it is your body relies heavily on doing the bulk of its internal repair work. That is why it is very important that you fully receive the 8 hours of your sleep consistently. As you sleep, your body passes a defined period of development and repair in which catabolism and anabolism occur. As you can see, biologically, poor sleep management can remove and derail much of your hard physical training, which you do not want it because it is not your goal.



So summarizing when you train, the stimulus is given to your body to develop when it is resting, sleeping well enough and feeding properly!

Mitsaris Kostas
Certified Personal Trainer 
Sport&Fitness Nutrionist

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