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4 tips to make your workout more effective

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4 tips to make your workout more effective

Many are the times that before we start our workout we are boundary to skip it ,why employ other things on our mind,or why not we have available or because the voice within us telling “Come on skip the workout today you will do it tomorrow” a beginning I follow religiously in my life is “that it is to do today do not leave it for tomorrow,” below will give you some tips to make your workout more effective.


# 1: Stay focused.


Before starting, bring to mind the routine that will follow, the exercises that executions, sets, repetitions, weights and concentration to them!
Empty your head from other thoughts, think only your training routine,yourself and nothing else, the more focused you stay in what you would more effectively to the executions and so much more success and pleasure will have to end!


# 2: Preparation.


Make a cycle to the top of the exercises planned with a few kilos and as many repetitions u can thus to prepare your body and your muscles for this to follow.
Thus except that warms up your muscles, flooding the same time from blood with the result then, to provoke full blood supply during the workout.




# 3: Every day is not the same day.


Do you think that every day has the same energy and the same desire to training however it depends on you mostly to the performances and satisfied with this, do not forget that the aim is to complete and add another to your assets , I used to say to my clients that: “imagine that you have a bag hanging on your back, as many workouts take in, the more results you get”the workout act additively to your body!


# 4: Listen to your body.


During the workout listen to your body, giving you messages that should not be ignored when to pressures above and when not, Treat the kindly is your partner,this will help you avoid injuries, an injury brings back and not let you repeat what you love and expands, but if happens, advise your coach Have a group and a follow-up without stop doing what you enjoy!




For the end I left something very important, all of us are inspired by some, and this inspiration gives us the motivation to do what we do, is the need for most of them to exercise under the supervision of a specialist and self choose a personal trainer to qualifies (know-how and personality) in order to satisfy the expectations that you have from him, and is he who will give you the inspiration and motivation to accomplish your goals!


Mitsaris Kostas
Certified Personal Trainer
Sport&Fitness Nutrionist

Certified Personal Trainer Sport&Fitness Nutrionist

[email protected]

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