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Can a high protein diet burden your kidneys?

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Can a high protein diet burden your kidneys?

Myth or reality:
A high protein diet burden your kidneys




Your kidneys are incredibly effectively to filter waste products from your body. And by knowledge, by consuming a high protein diet does not increase the pressure on your kidneys. Kidneys are built to withstand just this kind of pressure!

To give you an example, one fifth of the blood pumped from your heart filtered by your kidneys every one or two minutes. Adding a little extra protein, may cause a small increase in workload is really just a drop in the ocean compared to the total amount of workload that your kidneys are built to do and are already doing!

According to the above, I recommend increasing the intake of water when you consume more protein because your body produces more urine as a means to eliminate the byproducts of protein breakdown. More fluids are needed to replace these lost through urine. But you need to drink plenty of fluids, and especially water anyway!




At the end I will tell you that if you want to limit unnecessary pressure on your kidneys limited alcohol, if you really are looking to give your kidneys a break, start from there!

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