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HISD workout method by Mitsaris

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HISD workout method by Mitsaris

Don’t waste your time with cardio – Try HISD workout method by Mitsaris!

When I walk into the gym I often see familiar faces walking on the treadmills or methodically cranking away on the elliptical machines.

When I finish my workout some of the same people are still plodding on the same equipment. And unfortunately, these people are still carrying the same body fat they had when I joined this gym two years ago.

After years of experience and working with professionals athletes but also with ordinary people,have come to some conclusions concerning what he wants and what to wants more many people from a fitness program,what expectations have but also,what is the one,that encourages everyone to continue the workout!

The challenge to a workout program except in special cases such as the rehabilitation after injury or surgery but also specific professional athletes programs is to lose as much body fat as possible, and not least to maintain our muscle tissue or even increase it.




Then increase our Cardio capability, simply to workout our hearts, improves our muscular fitness and all these at the right time because we all have limited time problem, end I would like to mention the most important, which is the mental satisfaction because not forget the workout is a psychotherapy!

Having much more muscle tissue in our body, and as much as possible less body fat acquire higher metabolic rate BMR i.e. the ability of our body to consume as more calories at rest, this gives us a great advantage in maintaining appropriate body weight!

Increasing our Cardio ability, acquires the ability our heart to send more much blood in the region (when you need), resulting through the red blood cells to carry more nutrient volume ingredients but also oxygen, the presence of which is burning in muscle cells to release more energy effective.

Increasing our muscular fitness acquire our muscles the ability to remove fast the lactic acid that accumulates in our muscles during the burning and energy production in muscle cells and this is due to the muscle fatigue (burning) of the muscles that you observe in intense muscular contraction , so we have longer and better muscular regeneration.

All this must be made within a certain time to have the greatest results.

Well utilizing my expertise, my experience with many athletes professionals, with ordinary people, hobbyists athletes but also from my own workout tasting everything on me, seeing how they work from within, ended in high intensity short duration coaching method HISD workout method from the acronym for High Intensity Short Duration workout method!



So what is the HISD workout method?

HISD is a way of workout,who are high intensity around 70-80% of maximum heart rate,short duration of 30-40 minutes with no rest between sets of exercises and using of sets,with our body weight, with resistors (weights ), with TRX and plyometrics exercises participating in the execution of the exercise is more than one muscle groups!

Training athletes professionals mainly athletes of basketball at a high level by this method in the early stages, I found that during the course of training session only with resistances and free weights with the methodology without breaks between of sets throughout the workout factually not It could be more than 30-40 minutes, that after 2-3 weeks the physical fit of the athletes remained high and that it finds it?

By the 12-minute Cooper test at the beginning and end of the 2-3 week period, seeing that to everyone that was in other multi and others less, increase the distance traveled in 12 minutes fitness test!

Then, in athletes preparation period, the objective was to increase muscular strength, assess their situation and seeing the drawbacks of each one of them, I focused again on the same coaching method, course by varying the exercises, resulting by past power test before and after the period of 2-3 weeks the result was again increased their muscle strength (the dynamic test is based in one max.repetition 1RM specific basic exercises)

Then I worked all these are mere hobbyists athletes combining more many different philosophy exercises, as mentioned above, to be a variety that is needed to avoid saturation occurs and the result was immediate results physically important factor to someone encouraged to pursue sports activity, less time workout but effective, faster achievement of the target is none other than less body fat creating muscle tissue and most importantly maximum  psychological satisfaction that this method offers!

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