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Synergy spirit and muscles

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Synergy spirit and muscles

Many times I make to my clients and to my athletes the question:

Where are you? Are you here?

I realize that their body is here but their minds are somewhere else.

The basic principle of a successful workout is to be, as I say, “spirit and muscle synergy,” this is essential in order to have success in a workout but both physical and spiritual!


Here are some thoughts of positive affirmations that will enhance your focus on workout and create a strong connection between mind and muscle:

  • I feel healthy and strong
  • my body is relaxed and calm
  • my mind is clean and empty of thoughts
  • I am going to approach my workout in the right way
  • I am going focused and with great attention to training my muscles
  • I am going to finish another workout with success
  • I am going inside my muscles
  • My mind will bond with every fiber in my muscles
  • My mind and muscles are one
  • I “am” my muscles

Work Well some of the above and you will see the improvement that you get at the end of each work-out.

Do not forget (this applies to everything) that 100% success in each work-out  is spirit synergy theme and muscles!

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