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Our body has a complex system for dealing with stress. You activate this system when you are in a state of stress because the body recognizes stress as

During the last few years in Greece, it is very usual for people to complain about the country’s financial situation and in general, to be miserable about everything!

One of the factors that I consider key during a workout whether it is at the gym, an outdoors activity, or any other sports activity, I consider safety

First of all I want to emphasize that today each of the serious professional Personal Trainer maintains a website. So start with a survey on the Internet, by entering into various websites personal trainers first read biographies, years of experience, specialization if any, testimonials by athletes, in some texts subsequently reads the articles if installed on the site. The second

Many times people ask me what do I need a personal trainer for? Once you become a member at a gym, working out on my own and save