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How We Can Create The Environment Around Us, So That We Can Enjoy Our Every Moment!

How We Can Create The Environment Around Us, So That We Can Enjoy Our Every Moment!

During the last few years in Greece, it is very usual for people to complain about the country’s financial situation and in general, to be miserable about everything! Of course, we must not overlook the fact that it is a very common characteristic among the average Greek to never be happy or satisfied about anything.

But you might wonder “ why are you telling us all this, it is more or less known to all of us!”I just want to share some of my thoughts with you about the environment we live in and how it is being shaped by us to a large extend. The environment we live in is purely our own responsibility and it is determined by our choices! Some, very few of us, dared to go our of their comfort zone in an instance; we thought about it,   made our decisions and acted on them, in order to create the environment that would make our life beautiful!

Some others, the majority, plunged more and more into misery, negativity and toxicity, and this led to some very unpleasant outcomes for their psychology, but also for their life as a whole! The environment we live in every day can be changed only by us and this is where we must start from, from within ourselves.

It is necessary to work with ourselves, to teach ourselves to understand what we want, how to be positive, how to get out of the comfort of our couch so that we can improve our daily life, because we must enjoy our every moment which is unique and we cannot bring it back!Every day is an exploration of ourselves that never stops until our last day on this planet. We must evolve, this is the only way we can be happy with the small things in life. We must set small goals daily, but also bigger ones that we can reach and each time add a little more to that. That will not only give us the motivation we need, but it will also give us the incentive to live our life to the fullest!

Divide your day into sections, like steps. Imagine climbing a ladder, one step at a time, until the night has come and then you have climbed it all! Enjoy your every moment, every day, no matter what you do.

Do not think about what comes next, it will come when the time comes! “Seize the day” said the Roman poet Horace in his work Odes. Everything is in your hands and with this way of thinking, you can do anything you set your mind to that will make your life better.

The way you view life, the perception of how you see the world around you and the behaviors you accept, are what will create a healthy environment that you will be happy to live in and you will enjoy your every moment!

Mitsaris Kostas
Certified Personal Trainer
Sport & fitness Nutritionist & Life coach
Founder of  HISD Workout Method
Author “The well-being bible”


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